driving on my own up 

the side of a big rock
charging ahead to escape 

from this deadlock
turn after turn as I power 

through each shock
won’t stop for nothing, 

not a landslide or roadblock

over the mountain
over the grief
over the reasons
you stopped loving me

over the mountain
the heartbreak
over the nightmares
that used to keep me awake

see the mat by your feet, 

well it doesn’t read ‘welcome’
’cause I scraped all your shit 

off the heels of my new shoes
you can’t come back in 

’cause this place is my kingdom
you got nothing I want , 

I got nothing to lose

you left without a trace
and you did me wrong
and now you show your face
well you just move along

i’m master of this place
that I call my home
i’m loving all this space
now that you are gone

I wanna be alone


music by The Elephant Man  

lyrics by Leah Janeczko