Fight club… friend makes me have 

a lot of fun
he turns up and the party has begun
socializing is a living hell
with him around I break out of my shell

every night I’m living on the edge
what a ride with my best friend

when I crash to the ground inside the ring
I face all my delusions
when the count reaches ten I feel the pain
and see through my illusions

Fight club… friend goes till five, 

he’s wide awake
you kicked him out? 

now there’s a big mistake
he starts to scream and tear 

the place in two
mops the floor with bouncers, 

cops and you

every night I risk an early death
what a ride with my best friend

life had only just begun
when you reached your destination 

my friend
just as short an epitaph
is all that’s left of you:
my old friend, eternally young

music by The Elephant Man  

lyrics by Leah Janeczko